hello, my name's jay (or jude if you know me irl).
i am a lot of things:
a pisces if anyone was wondering
(im not that into astrology though, srry)
a musician
doer of stuff
professtional canadian
maker of-a the pizza
a minor (so dont be creepy)
respecter of neopronouns (even if i dont use them)
a maker of really stupid shit

my hobbies include:
questioning my gender and sexuality
making phat beats in logic pro
being bad at math
practicing spit takes
not skateboarding
collecting cds
rating muffins on a scale of "health hazard" to "mindblowing"
making shitty art in ms paint
dunking on weezer /j
being sexy
cooking pizza
parlant fran├žais afin que personne ne peut me comprendre
making dumb videos with my friends

  • dni (do not interact) if you:

  • basic dni criteria

  • thought the mitchells vs. the machines was a bad movie

  • are an mcyt stan (mcyt fans are ok tho)

  • di (do interact) if you:

  • Use mspaint unironically

  • Think Lonerism is the best Tame Impala album

  • Are an fan of / worship Neil Cicerega's work

  • Are into synthesizers

  • Are cool

  • Are lame

  • Are on fire

  • Are in a block of ice

  • Like They Might be Giants

  • Watch Homestar Runner

  • Are Anthony Fantano (DM me anthony ;)

  • Use Logic Pro X

  • Use Ableton

  • Use Hypnospace Tune Sequencer

  • Have been on a train before

  • Own a Tascam 4-Track Recorder

  • Like Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti but also think he's a scumbag human being

  • Love airports but hate planes

  • are abab (all babies are bastards)

( made with carrd )